3 Tips For Effective Alcohol Detox When Undertaking Alcohol Detox at Home

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Simple tips to aid in alcohol detox

On the other end of the spectrum are occasional drinkers who end up drinking a bit too much at sometimes. This kind of overdose is serious but can be handled by alcohol detox at home. This article gives effective alcohol detox tips for the latter category of drinkers.

a) Consume lots of water

Alcohol is a very well-known diuretic, so as soon as you consume it in excess, you are going to feel the need to pee. The more you drink, the more you urinate and this makes you dehydrated. It is clear that if you want to detox, you need to stop drinking alcohol and start drinking water. On an average a person should drink around half a gallon of water for regular hydration. So during the detox, you need to drink at least this much water. The more water you drink, the more the kidney can filter out the poison from your body and cleaner you get. If you do not want to drink plain water, then add a couple of drops of lemon juice to it. Alternatively you can drink herbal tea too. If you do this right, you can overcome the hangover faster.

b) Eat nutritious food

Alcohol Detox is not just a process of reducing the effects of alcohol consumption; it is complete cleansing of your body. So you need to focus on eating the right foods during the detox process. Many people suggest sticking to juices from fruits and vegetables. The idea here is that juices are a lot easier to consume than solid foods. Here are some more effective alcohol detox tips for the detox process.

ยท Introduce more complex carbohydrates into your diet. Eat foods like whole grain foods, vegetables and brown rice.

ยท As tempting as they may be, avoid eating confectionaries. Yes, cakes and other sweets can be quite tempting but you need to control their consumption during the detox period.

ยท Caffeine and nicotine are very bad for you during the detox process. This means that you must not consume caffeine products a lot and you must also avoid smoking.

ยท Lastly, stay away from the so called fast foods or junk foods. These food stuffs have high level of fats and can cause acidity.

c) Take vital supplements and herbs

Recovering from alcohol consumption requires a means of dealing with the physiological and emotional stress. Vitamin B complex is very critical in help you tide over this tough phase. This is where you need to look for vitamin B supplements which can give you the necessary dosages to help you through the tough period of detox. The detox process could leave you with not so good symptoms. A good way to tackle this is to visit a local store and get the necessary herbs that will help you overcome these problems.

In conclusion, the alcohol detox period can be very tough for anyone. If you want to come out of this successfully, you must drink lot of water, eat right and take the supplements. Secondly, you must also keep your mind engaged. This does not mean that you think about problems in your personal and professional life, but you must watch movies, talk to friends, listen to songs and other such activities which keep your mind occupied in a peaceful way.


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