5 Great Music Related Websites For Satellite Internet Users

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Madonna might have said that music makes the people come together, but even the most strident metalheads who never listened to one of her records would have to agree with that statement. If there’s something that can make people drop their guards and appreciate some common ground, it’s definitely the love a similar band. And while these days, manufactured pop stars tend to dominate the airwaves, the world wide web has made it far easier to get to know more up-and-coming acts. In fact, even major mainstream success stories like Justin Bieber had a start on the web, and the popularity of high-speed internet access has made it possible for stage moms and punk bands alike to upload clips to YouTube and wait for the world’s reaction.

While you might be new to satellite internet, fan worship of great musicians probably isn’t anything that you aren’t familiar with. But instead of going to the same old regular sources–like YouTube, where Lady Gaga’s music videos are watched over 60 million times–try to check out other great music-related sites on the world wide web. Here are five of them worth your time.

Soundcloud.com – More of a haven for electronic musicians who are interested in Nigerian Music Streaming Website sharing their mixes and sets, from those who are currently touring festival circuits that take them the world over to those starting out in basements across the country. The best part is that a lot of the talent on Soundcloud goes ahead and shares their tracks to download free of charge, meaning that a world of new music is at your fingertips. Are you an aspiring electronic musician? Upload your tracks here.

Bandcamp – If you’re in a band and like the format of Soundcloud but aren’t as interested in the friend interaction aspect, then Bandcamp is the spot for you. If you’re not in a band but want an easy-to-follow website that allows streaming music to load quickly, then Bandcamp is also a great resource. A minimal and sleek design makes things easier to navigate, and a faster connection like satellite internet means dozens of songs are instantly listenable.

HarmonyCentral.com – Sometimes there are music fans, and sometimes there are musicians. Those who are interested in finding out about particular pieces of gear more than uncovering rare bootlegs often flock to this site, which has been around since the 1990s, when it was the home of the Online Guitar Archive. While the tab offerings might be more slim, it’s still a great place to surf online.

MySpace – The original home of bands trying to make it through the web, Myspace might have gone the way of Friendster, but those with satellite internet can still dig through the old band profile pages to check out some really talented and promising acts.



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