A Career Prayer – Bridge of the Archangels

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My career has seen many ups and downs. I have experienced the sacred (working on eleven Olympics), the miserable (working for a certain toy company) and then there have been several extended bouts of unemployment.

During one of these long periods of unemployment, I received guidance from a traditional career counselor in Orange County. He kept repeating that I was not aggressive enough, that I needed to send out more resumes, that I must work harder to get a job. These comments increasingly struck me as just so superficial. I wanted to find out what was truly going on with my career and this is how, over the years, I created the practice of spiritual career Resume whisperer.

What I found out is that there is an enormous amount of spiritual assistance available for the pursuit of one’s career. When the career is not going well, it is often because the channel connecting one to this wondrous overflow of spiritual assistance is blocked. There is a multitude of ways that the spiritual assistance gets blocked. One of the primary ways is through judgment.

I had a client who was filled with judgment and resentment toward many different people he had business dealings with. I told him to make a list of these people and to actively forgive each one of these people every day. In two months time the two people on the very top of his list hired him for a particularly lucrative job, which also became the most enjoyable work experience of his entire career.

A joyful career is one where God participates as our partner. The goal of spiritual career counseling is to bring as much of God as possible into our career and into our career process. Below is a prayer designed to bring more of the Spirit into your career. It takes just a couple of minutes and is called the Bridge of the Archangels.

First, ask for only the highest good to take place.

In your mind’s eye, see a bridge extending from you to your career. Now visualize the bridge completely immersed in white light. Do this until you, your career and the bridge are completely blanketed by this white light.

Now see a host of Archangels over the bridge supporting you and your career.

Now place this whole scene including the Archangels in a purple miracle ball. Ask the one you call on for spiritual support (this could be Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Spirit, or God, whoever you feel most comfortable with) to now bless your career. Take a moment to breathe in the blessing.

Now it is time for forgiveness. Say, “I forgive myself for any judgments I’ve held against myself or others regarding my career.” Feel free to repeat this or add specific names (of people you have judged in regards to your career) until you feel clear.

Ask God to clear anything that stands in the way of you creating a joyous, meaningful career.

Ask the Archangels to nurture and guide you as you proceed on your career path. Amen.

The Bridge of the Archangels is a powerful prayer utilizing creative visualization, forgiveness, the use of color and the employment of Angels. If you feel particularly stuck in your career, you can do this prayer for 32 straight days. This will bring your subconscious into greater alignment with the spiritual energy and blessings that are being invoked here.


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