Are These Signs My Wife Is Depressed? How To Tell If Your Wife Is Suffering From Depression

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Has your wife been acting different lately? Is she being lazy? Mean? Too quiet? When you’re asking yourself “Are these signs my wife is depressed?”, the answer is not always clear. Here are some ways to tell if your wife is depressed, and some things that you can do to help her.

A lot of people think that a depressed person has to be either sad all of the time, or angry all of the time. That isn’t true at all. Depression doesn’t affect everyone the same.

Constant sadness is definitely a sign that your wife is depressed. While it is normal for a person to be sad once in a while, it is NOT normal for someone to be sad all of the time.

If your wife is usually a nice person, and happy most of the time, and she has started being mean and hateful, or getting mad about what seems to be nothing at all, then she is probably depressed.

Please know that these actions are NOT your wife’s fault – she doesn’t even know she’s acting like this! Depending on the severity of the depression, she may know that something’s not quite right, but she doesn’t see the things that you do.

Another sign that your wife is depressed is that she is tired all of the time. Not just tired, but exhausted. All she wants to do is sleep.

Depression drains the life out of a person. A truly Am I Depressed or Lazy person doesn’t want to do anything at all, and they have no energy to do anything. If your wife just lays around all day, she’s not being lazy. It’s not that she is purposely not doing things – she knows things need done, but she just can’t muster up the energy to do them.

The absolute LAST thing you should do, if you see these signs of depression in your wife, is to get angry with her, or to yell at her. Like you, she doesn’t understand what is happening. Try to talk to her. Tell her that you are worried about her.

Let her know that you love her, and would like her to go to see a doctor. Maybe she is sick, and when she gets treated she’ll feel better. If she refuses, try to get her to go by tricking her. Tell her that YOU are sick and have to go to the doctor, and would like her to go with you. So whatever you can to get her to a doctor.

You don’t have to take her to a therapist. Your family doctor can prescribe medicine to help her. Sometimes it’s easier to see your family doctor – that way, she won’t feel funny. She’s just going to the doctor because she doesn’t feel well.

When you think you are seeing signs of depression in your wife, don’t let her get too much further down. If she is depressed now, she can get into a deeper depression soon, and she will be twice as bad as she is now.

Do your best to help her by loving her. Understand that she doesn’t mean to be like this – she is ill right now. Your marriage will see better days soon.

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