Mafia Game Secrets – How to Rule Mafia Wars

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Social media sites have become increasingly popular in recent years. One of the appeals is networking with old friends and making new ones. I initially checked out MySpace because a couple of my teenage children had a MySpace and I wanted to see what it was all about. Funny, I recall getting a book from Amazon on how to “pimp” my MySpace page only to have my children have a good laugh as they showed me I didn’t need the book at all. There were plenty of free places that could be used to “pimp” my page.

I just never really got the hang of MySpace. It seemed that I always had problems finding things. Then I found Facebook which just seemed to be a better fit for someone my age. I’ve reached the point where I sign on every day.

Through Facebook I have come in contact with old friends with whom I hadn’t spoken in many many years. I remember when I signed on one day I had a message from someone who said “I think I know you…” Turns out she was a good friend from high school with whom I had lost contact over thirty years ago (I guess I am giving away my age). But I digress; Facebook itself isn’t really the primary topic of discussion here but it is a host of Mafia Wars, the application I wish to discuss.

Using one of the many social media sites one can not only network with old friends but can also connect with individuals who have similar interests. There are a myriad of online games or applications one can begin to play with his or her new-found and old-found friends. One such game is the Mafia Game sensation Mafia Warsby Zynga. Mafia Wars can also be played on MySpace, Yahoo and on your iPhone.

I began to play this Mafia Game with my friends and soon found that as with any strategy game there are legal tricks and secrets to playing and succeeding in the game. Cheats which will help you rule and become a dominating Mafia War Lord. If you are just learning to play or would just like some pointers, here are a couple of the tricks I have up my sleeve:

  • Grow a strong and large mafia. You need to have a lot of members in your mafia to be successful. Invite all of your friends to become a part of your mafia. I did not jump on the bandwagon and begin playing when it was first released as it just didn’t seem of any interest to me. Because of the number of my friends who played, when I decided to give it a try I already had nearly two-hundred and fifty invitations to other mafias and was a level 14 though I had not yet even completed one “job.” Having a very large and strong mafia is a major key to success.
  • Use your Skill Points wisely. Another key to playing successfully is to just focus on completing jobs in the beginning. Use your points primarily to boost your energy level up, this way you can complete more jobs. The more jobs you complete the more experience you gain and the more money you have to purchase weapons and properties.
  • Build Properties as soon as you can. Again, you need money to play the game. In the initial stages of the game purchasing a lot of “Mafia Mike’s” Bars gives you the most bang for the buck. The number of Mafia Mike’s you can build is directly related to the number of mafia members you have.
  • Purchase good weapons. To be a successful godfather you will need to have a good stockpile of weapons in your armory. Members of your mafia will use the weapons in your armory to ward off rival mafias when they attack you. Purchasing the right weapons increases the attack and defense levels of your mafia.

So, let’s play and Rule Mafia Wars,

What I’ve shared are just a few Mafia tarkov esp secrets and tips to rule mafia wars. There are many more. There are a number of guides and manuals you can use to better your game. The one I’ve found to be the best is the one written by Jensen Fuller who reveals how he learned to totally dominate the game by studying successful godfathers. Jenson just completed a major update of the manual. Since lifetime updates are included with the guide you will always be up on the latest Mafia War Secrets and techniques to Dominate and Rule Mafia Wars should you decide to obtain it.

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