Perfume and Cologne Categories and Families – Categories of Perfume

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Perfume and cologne is on the rise and finding itself to be increasingly used more and more by today’s consumers. While on the one hand, bad smells are counteracted by fragrances including perfumes and colognes, people including marketing experts are now trying to introduce this sense into multimedia-based experiences. Wouldn’t that be cool to smell your favorite perfume or cologne through your computer? The aim is to make the fragrance a unique feature for a certain brand or location. Fragrances including perfume, cologne, air fresheners, laundry detergent, candles, etc. help make this world smell a little better. You need to be aware of what fragrances you are interested in as well as the different family’s and categories are that are contained in the perfumes tom ford lost cherry and colognes you like and prefer. This is a simple instructional table that should help you in determining the common families and the designer fragrance notes here-in:

Perfumes and Colognes are categorized by the following fragrance families.

Women’s Perfume Family

Citrus Perfume: The light, fresh character of citrus notes (bergamot, orange, lemon, petitgrain, mandarin etc…) is often combined with more feminine scents (flowers, fruits and chypre).
Citrus Lifestyle Perfume: Refreshing fragrances for the energetic, sporty woman. Appropriate for office wear, day wear or warm evening wear. A perfect summer fragrance especially for warm or humid climate.
Green Perfume Fragrance: Green notes are natural in character; often married with fruity and floral notes, they are modern and fashionable.
Green Lifestyle Perfume. A slightly eccentric fragrance for the modern woman. For the professional woman working in an office atmosphere. Good day wear and occasional evening wear in warmer weather. Sporty, charismatic and artful.
Floral Perfume: An accord of different floral notes. Combined with any other family, floral perfumes are universally commercial. Single florals are included in this family.
Floral Lifestyle Perfume: The scent of romance and starry nights. Floral fragrances evoke memories of romantic moments, and create new ones. The most feminine of all fragrance families.
Chypre Perfume: Based on a woody, mossy and flowery complex, sometimes with aspects of leather or fruits, chypre perfumes are rich and tenacious.
Chypre Lifestyle Perfume: Very elegant, classical, for women who tend to prefer slightly out of the norm fragrances. Chypre fragrances smell slightly dry, not very sweet.
Oriental Perfume Fragrance: A blend of warmth and mystery. Musks and precious woods are complemented by exotic essences.
Oriental Lifestyle Perfume: Mystical, luxurious, dramatic, sexy, sensual. Mostly worn in the evening.
Oceanic Perfume Fragrance: Fresh scented, slightly soapy clean fragrances.
Oceanic Lifestyle Perfume: Sporty, young, joyous, energetic, understated

Men’s Cologne Family

Aromatic Cologne Fragrances: Thyme, sage, mint, rosemary, anis and clove are but some of the herbs and spices that produce an aromatic perfume.
Aromatic Lifestyle Cologne: Perfect for the adventurous man who prefers exotic uplifting fragrances. A great choice for distinguished gentlemen who appreciate the finer things in life
Fougere Cologne Fragrance: A powerful fantasy composition of bergamot, oakmoss and geranium.
Fougere Lifestyle Cologne: Similar to the Aromatic lifestyle but with notes accentuating the chypre like fragrance of oakmoss.
Citrus Cologne: The light, fresh character of citrus notes (bergamot, orange, lemon, petitgrain, mandarin, etc.) is often combined with more masculine scents (woods and spices).
Citrus Lifestyle Cologne: Sporty, energetic. A great fragrance when you want to feel refreshed. Perfect for warm and humid summer days.
Chypre Cologne Fragrance: Based on a woody mossy perfume and flowery complex, sometimes with aspects of leather or fruits, chypre perfumes are rich and tenacious.
Chypre Lifestyle Cologne: Distinguished
Oriental Cologne Fragrance: A harmony of spices, woody essences and vanilla results in mysterious and diffusive perfumes.
Oriental Lifestyle Cologne: For the mysterious, sensual man who prefers a stronger more prominent perfume fragrance. Very sensual and great for evening wear
Tobacco Cologne Fragrance: Flowers, woods and balsam create this warm and sensual blend.
Tobacco Lifestyle Cologne: A great uncommon distinguished fragrance for an uncommon man. For a powerful man who wants his presence felt.
Woody Cologne: A warm, dry, elegant and masculine scent. Patchouli, vetyver, sandalwood and cedar form the heart of these fragrances.
Woody Lifestyle Cologne: For the traditional distinguished gentleman. One that is not easily influenced by trends and is confident of his preferences.
Lavender Cologne: A lavender note is dominated by the fresh, bracing scent of the flower. It is often blended with fougere, woods or floral notes.
Lavender Lifestyle Cologne: Fun loving, warm, caring

Now you can choose the perfume thats right for you wisely because you now know what types of ingredients and notes are included in them. I hope this list of categorization of the two families helps in picking which and what types of perfume and cologne is best for you. Make sure to experiment occasionally and try something different. Ask for other peoples opinions as constructive criticism is often very helpful. Also make sure to begin light with your application. Do not over do it when putting on our favorite discount perfume or cologne fragrance. It should be apart of your impression and appearance not your whole appearance.


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