Saving Money and the Environment With the My K Cup Reusable Filter

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For most consumers, the Keurig K Cup coffee making system represents an investment in convenience that pays off in exceptional flavor and quality. For some time, however, Keurig owners have been limited to the varieties of coffee and tea available in the K Cup containers. Fortunately, users can now enjoy the delicious taste of their own gourmet coffee by using the My K Cup reusable coffee filter. The filter’s innovative design allows reusable coffee cup lovers to customize their own perfect cup of coffee, selecting the beans, blend, grind, roast, and even flavor to precisely suit their individual preferences.

The My K Cup filter system is environmentally responsible; reusable and durable, the only waste produced are biodegradable coffee grounds. With no messy paper filters or plastic cups to dispose of, the reusable filter provides a truly green cup of coffee. After brewing, the sturdy filter rinses clean and is immediately ready for reuse, saving time as well as the environment.

The main attraction of the new My K Cup filter, however, is its versatility. Whatever type of coffee you prefer, the unique filter system allows you to brew your favorite flavor, roast, or blend easily and to order. By varying the coarseness of the grind, you can ensure that each cup has precisely the right strength and depth of flavor to suit your personal preferences. Flavored coffees work especially well with the reusable filter. The flavors and blends are limited only by your own creativity; you can even use your own loose tea leaves to brew an exceptional cup of white, green, or black tea.

The My K Cup filter is an economical choice for most coffee lovers, since bulk coffee is usually available at a lower cost than the individual-sized and carefully-portioned K Cup containers. Rather than spending a premium price, you can get the same premium results using your own freshly-ground coffee; you won’t even have to pay for paper filters. Just grind, measure, and brew.

As you can this is a really simple solution to brew you favorite coffee. You will also find that with a quick rinse of the My K Cup you can clear it of excess grounds and it’s ready to be use for your next delicious cup of Joe. Using this filter will save pennies, save time, and save the environment, all with this ingenious and convenient

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