Summer Dresses: Choosing The Right One For You

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No summer should pass without a selection of summer dresses in your wardrobe. Dresses are a seasonal staple and the right one can be used for any occasion. So what should you look for in order to find your perfect piece?

There’s a huge variety of summer dresses on the market. As soon as the first signs of spring are sniffed in the air summer dresses are on the hangers and being sold in every clothes shop; from short to long, plain or patterned, linen or silk. The choices are endless, and sometimes it can be hard to decide. In order to make the right choice, you first need to consider the statement that you want your style to express.

Going for that light, summer look? Linen dresses are perfect. Effortless and airy children clothing boutique, linen dresses are stylish yet simple and work towards a casual look that can be seen almost anywhere. Linen dresses are also perfect for layering. Opt for a plain coloured dress and a bold, colourful linen and cotton cardigan for that perfect, summer’s day style.

Or maybe you’re after something a little more formal, for a wedding or some other function, an occasion when linen dresses may ooze a little too much casualness. Silk dresses make a perfect companion for formal functions, especially if you go for an elegant printed design. Some prints are bright and help you stand out in a crowd while others can be subtle and whisper your statement instead of screaming it. This may be your desired look. Partner with a plain coloured cropped cashmere cardigan or a linen and cotton cardigan in warmer weather. The simple design will tone down any pattern, no matter how loud or subtle, and complete that look.

You can also change the look of a dress by carefully choosing what accessories you wear with it. A dazzling pair of heeled shoes will always add a touch of pizzazz to any dress, allowing you to easily dress up for that occasion while feeling comfortable. And a pair of snazzy flats will always play down that beautiful, silk number. Jewellery will help spruce up a look too, and depending on what direction you want to take it, different designs will either add glamour or casually tone down.



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