Therapy: Why Would Someone Say That The Type Of Therapy That They Are Having Is The Best?

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After someone has worked with a therapist for a little while, they may find that their life has started to change. As to what caused them to have therapy in the first place, there can be a number of reasons.
For example, their mind may have been out of control and their emotions may have also been all over the place. Regardless of what was going on for them in the beginning, the time that they have spent in this persons company will have been worth it.

It’s All New

Now, this could be the first time that they have ever had therapy, which means that this will be a new experience for them. As a result of this, they could believe that the type of therapy that they are having is the best.

The type of therapy that they are having will be working for them so it will be seen as the best one that is available. Then again, one might just be grateful that they have found something that works and not even think about anything else.

On The path

Conversely, one may have tried a number of other therapies in the past, meaning that this won’t be a new experience for them. Even so, they could still believe that the therapy they are now having is the best.

This person will then have experienced plenty of other therapies, yet they will be convinced that the type they are now having is far better than any of the others. At the same time, they may believe that just about every therapy has a time and a place.

A Big Difference

The view that they have of the therapy that they are having is likely to have an effect on what they say to others. That is, of course, if they tell other people that they are having therapy.

For example, if they were to open up about this Session Planning area of their life, and they were to believe that the type of therapy that they are having is the best, it could lead to at least three different outcomes. Firstly, another person might not be interested in having therapy, so it might not affect them.

Two Others

Secondly, another person could be having problems and end up having the same type of therapy as them. If they do, they may find that this type of therapy works for them or it might not.

Thirdly, another person could disagree with them and say that it is not this black and white. If this was to take place, one might end up expanding their mind and accepting this, or they could continue to believe that their view is the right view.

Not a Problem

When it comes to the first and third outcome, it won’t matter what one comes out with as what they say won’t have much of an affect. In the first case, the other person won’t be all that interested in what they have to say and, in the third case, it will be dismissed.

If it does affect the person in the first case, it could be because they end up having therapy at a later date. This type of therapy might assist them or it might not have much of an impact on them.

A Different Story

When it comes to the second case, however, another person could end up being sent down the wrong path altogether. By going along with what one has said about the type of therapy that they are having, this person could be convinced that this is the best type that is available.

If this type of therapy assists them, it clearly won’t matter what was said to them. The trouble will arise if it doesn’t assist them and they are unable to try a different approach due to what they have come to believe.

A More Balanced Outlook

If one behaves in this way, it could just show that they are so pleased with how something is working for them that they are unable to see that the type of therapy that they are having is not the best. This can show that they are feeling good and this is making it hard for them to think clearly.

Nonetheless, after they have started to settle down, they might be able to see that whether a type of therapy is right or not also depends on where someone is at on their journey and on the person who is using the therapy. If they have experienced a number of different therapies over the years, they may see that these all played a part in their own evolution.

Out of Balance

This might not happen, though, and one could continue to believe that the therapy that they are having is the best. It is then not going to matter if they have experienced a number of different therapies or if another person has a different perspective, as they won’t be able to see that what they are saying is not the truth.

What this may show is that the type of therapy they are having is helping them to avoid something inside themselves. One may have even started to identify with the therapy that they are having, with it having a positive effect on their wellbeing.


Through getting so caught attached to this therapy, they can end up feeling bad about themselves if they even consider the fact that the type of therapy the are having is not the best. This would then cause them to face something that they haven’t felt strong enough to face.

Also, the type of work that they are doing might not encourage them to really change who they are, thereby allowing them continue to behave in the same way. Behind what they believe is then likely to be a fair amount of pain/trauma.


To say that one type of therapy is better than another and that every therapist is the same would be similar to saying that one tool is better than another and that it doesn’t matter who uses the tool. Each tool has a time and a place and, if one tool is used at the wrong time, it won’t do much good.

And how competent someone is when it comes to using a certain tool will also play a part in how effective it is. The key will be for someone to listen to themselves and to trust in their healing journey.

Teacher, prolific writer, author, and consultant, Oliver JR Cooper, hails from England. His insightful commentary and analysis covers all aspects of human transformation, including love, partnership, self-love, and inner awareness. With over two thousand, two hundred in-depth articles highlighting human psychology and behaviour, Oliver offers hope along with his sound advice.

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